Tuesday, November 28, 2017

OWX reflection.

I liked that we got to meet up and by face to face with our person. When we went on the writing marathon. I liked that they wrote and share to. I really liked when we got to go around campus and wrote.
In google drive I think they should share some stories also to help the student gain confidence. We should get together more than once. Have a longer marathon to take more time in wrighting.


Tuesday, November 21, 2017


My father and I met on April third, two thousand four. I see him every day of my life.
My dad is not tall but not short. He wears the same hat every day. He has light brown hair and a brown and white beard that is very long. His beard is like a small bush. I chose my dad because he supports me and some of the decisions that I make with sports and other things. He wears a short sleeve shirt with a pocket on the front of the shirt.
He wears cheap loose pants to match the shirt. He puts stuff on his knees at night when he gets home or to the hotel. He wears long white socks and leather boots. He gets up every morning before or at six. I go to work with him during the summer. I’m Saving for a new four wheeler.
My dad owns his own business. He goes on the road and works with irrigations and put them up and sells them. He also builds grain bins for farmers. He works mainly around Columbus NE.
One time my Uncle, Dad, and I were playing a game of paintball and the rules were that if you got hit that you were out. The game had started and everyone started shooting I got hit in the throat and yes we were wearing masks. I shot my dad before he shot me but he still kept shooting.

I choose my dad because he supports me in everything I do.

Monday, November 20, 2017

My First Hunt

My First Hunt
I had gotten out of school early on Friday to go hunting for my first time. When we got to the camp, we when to put the heater in the stand, and all the sudden we saw two deer. We couldn’t see what they were because the sun was setting and it was in our eyes. After about five minutes, they eventually they got out of the sun and we could see that they were really big bucks with them was a bunch of doe we sat there until the sun was not visible anymore they eventually walked away. When we went back to camp, we didn’t tell anyone just so we could have those to ourselves we had hamburgers for super and then went to bed.
            The next morning, we woke up about four o’clock. I made my hot cholate my grandpa had his coffee. It was time to head out. I sat in the stand with my dad we saw a couple little deer. We sat for a couple more hours and saw a couple more doe but still no bucks. It was about ten o’clock, and we decided to head back to camp and get some dinner.
            After we ate, I took a nap because getting up at four in the morning every weekend is pretty tiring. After my nap I went to go set with my dad again. We say a little basket rack four by four walked out, and my dad asked me if I wanted to shoot it but I said it was too little. I saw a little doe ,but otherwise not much happened. We headed back to camp at around six. We got back to camp and started to make supper. We Played a card game after supper called high low smoke, or fire.
            I woke up the next morning and brushed my teeth and ate fried vegies and bacon with eggs. We headed out to the stands and It snowed last night, so we had to push through a bunch of snow. It was very slick when I got out of the side by side I fell. I took us about ten minutes to walk the rest of the way to the stand.

            I was so excited to go sit this time, but same as always didn’t see much. We gave up and went back to the camp and ate lunch. I took another nap until it was time to go sit. This time I am going to sit alone. We left to go sit and my dad dropped me off at my stand, and he went to his. At around five is when the two mule bucks came walking in, and I put my gun out the window and put a shell in the chamber, slowed my breathing and KaBoom! I missed so, I shot again KaBoom! Missed I shot again and missed to more time before the ran out of the field. Later that night we determined that I didn’t hit the deer and the lesson that I learned was to always take you time and don’t rush.

Friday, September 29, 2017

The Down Stairs Libray

The shelves long                                                                          
and dusty The books full                                                             
of pages and dust
Several of the same book                                                             
 This place looks like the seine                                                      
From ghostbusters                                                                              
Lots of creaks coming                                                                 
 from above Looking

 threw the shelves seeing books
 For what looks to be miles
Random people walking threw
Wondering what we are doing

Books are high and low
Voices coming from all around
Exit signs hanging from above

The shelfs full of old dusty books

OWX reflection.

I liked that we got to meet up and by face to face with our person. When we went on the writing marathon. I liked that they wrote and share...